Pascal van Loenhout is an internationally acclaimed Belgian hair stylist and global creative director. As owner of the seminal boutique salon and academy Pascal van Loenhout Antwerp, he travels the globe to share his signature style of bespoke minimal cutting on iconic stages from the Royal Albert Hall to Milan, Cape Town and Las Vegas.

Growing up a hairdressing heir in his mother’s prominent salon in the town of Eeklo but also being influenced by hardcore and punk, Pascal started creating his own idiosyncratic style as a teenager and pushed back against the prevalent 80s prim-and-permed style being instructed at Belgian hairdressing schools.

As a budding professional, Pascal van Loenhout was introduced to the creed of British haircutting dominating the London scene and became instantly transfixed and determined to master these radical skills. He took a chance, dropped everything and moved to the UK capital to begin his meteoric ascent.

After 10 years at the absolute forefront of British hairdressing and working alongside some of the biggest names in the business, Pascal decided to return to Belgium and open his own salon in 2007: Pascal van Loenhout Antwerp. His pace-setting trademark “unhairdressy” cuts, including the do’s he designed at the request of famed milliner Stephen Jones, were first captured in a book published in 2011.

Celebrating over 20 years of success, Pascal van Loenhout released a second monograph titled UN/CUT in late 2017: an unconventional coffee table tome containing more than 185 pages of arresting and enigmatic images lensed by Charlie De Keersmaecker and designed by Paul Boudens.

More assured in his craft than ever, Pascal van Loenhout continues to evolve his unique blend of sensibilities as his trusted team keeps the salon running when he’s abroad.

Globally revered hair stylist Kevin Murphy – the inventor of ‘beach wave’ style and founder of the namesake brand – has worked closely with Pascal van Loenhout for years. He appointed Pascal to the position of ‘KEVIN.MURPHY global design director’ in 2014, a position Pascal continues to hold, and has this to say about Pascal’s unique talent:

“The sectioning patterns Pascal van Loenhout creates are something else! He can break a haircut down to the bare bones so the sectioning does all of the work for you. He’s humble yet self-confident, which shows in every cut he creates. He may come across all punk rock but he’s very creative and sensitive too; a man who is giving and wants everyone around him to have the best experience possible. Every cut taught by a KEVIN.MURPHY educator globally contains Pascal’s signature and stamp of approval, and that is a true feat.”